A River Dream

Luk Ulo River, as its name, twisting like a python which was walking from upstream to downstream. This river upstream is in a gap at hills The Thousand Mountains in the North. The flow of the river route to the South until downstream and into the Indian Ocean. Near the upstream, there is a very unique geological sites, Sites of Geological Karangsambung. From downtown, it’s about 15 kilometers.

On the site of geology Karangsambung, there are various kinds of stones: agate, suiseki, biseki, coal and great pride for residents of Kebumen Central Java, Indonesia, is the uniqueness of agate which there was no counter entire Asia region. Perhaps also in the whole world. Therefore, the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) set up a special research site and make it as a scientific tourism.


Subowo (42 years old) an onyx craftsman in the edge of River Luk Ulo ata Pasarpari

A citizen of the river Luk Ulo, at Pasarpari, Subowo (42 years) is an agate craftsman which has been working since the early 1990’s. At that time, he received the materials of the existing river below his house. Needless goes a long way in order to choose the desired material without damaging the natural environment at Luk Ulo river which was the source of life for the people that are around the river.


Various types of agate, typical of Luk Ulo River

From his experience, Subowo told, the largest environmental changes in the river Luk Ulo is more so difficulties in getting raw materials. And if anything, the price is more expensive materials. Some types are very hard to obtain. Indeed, there are two distinctive types of agate Luk Ulo River which still enough available that is colored purple amethyst and ginggang is striped. Types of amethyst in great demand because it brings the myth seeking the wealth. If you filled a manner and by certain shamans can bring financial benefit and strengthen the charisma. Meanwhile, ginggang more diverse motives and preferred color for jewelry. Mainly as gemstones for gold rings.


the “GINGGANG” gemstone


 Kecubung Wulung Gemstone

Subowo story is a small indication of changing the natural environment at Luk Ulo River which tend to be less friendly to humans because of the damage occurred continuously from upstream to downstream. In fact, not far from the the seat of government, about 500 meters from the office of Regent, the landslide had been occurred at the village cemetery has not been able to overcome Kebumen properly. Even extends to the south. In addition to the soil structure which contains a lot of spring water in it, hit the river water which very strong due to the loss of tree cover crops, especially Kendal tree and the thining layer of sand was mined on a large scale using heavy machinery at the area around the dam upstream Kali Gending and Karangpoh adding a heavy burden of Luk Ulo River. Plus a layer of soil erosion of at Central region to make bricks, certainly increases the potential damage of the nature of this river. This does not include damage due to the use of poison for fishing is usually done in mid-dry season and is allowed to take place by the local government.


Fishing with poison


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