Luk Ulo Fishing Competition 2011


Young people who are behind Khong Hwie Kiong temple, calling themselves by the name PASKOPEM, or Pasarpari Youth Complex. As the edge of the river, all young men like bathing, fishing and playing in the river. Since 2008, they held a fishing competition at the Luk Ulo River at the end of the dry season.
In 2011, fishing competition organized on October 2.


The competition was the grand prize of electronic products: color TV, DVD Player and a number of fishing equipment. According to the Chairman Paskopem, Suryanto, 2011 fishing competition attended by 153 participants who were all local anglers in Kebumen, Central Java. In addition to managing the temple, there are those who support the activities of a shop / dealer of motorcycles, fishing equipment stores and other local businesses.
Competition begins at 9 am, officiated by the Chief District in Kebumen, Mrs. Retno and ends at 13:30 pm


Fishing Competition 2011 Luk Ulo, won by Fiki, a local boy who was 14 years old. Defeating two senior people who are into fishing competition winner around Kebumen. Types of fish competed are African catfish.


Fiki, a local boy as the 1st winner


Maryono, a senior angler as the 2nd winner


In 2012, fishing competition in Luk Ulo River, will be held in conjunction with other activities: parade raft of banana stem decorated, culinary festivals, craft fairs, and the riverside children performing arts & culture .


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Saya dari Kebumen Jawa Tengah. Hanya orang biasa yang memiliki banyak kebiasaan. Suka kerajinan anyaman, jadi Relawan PMI, generasi muda Tentara pelajar dan belajar jadi guru buat diri sendiri.
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